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The Department of Redundancy Department

29 August 2013

Everything I could have said on the upcoming “Informe” (the Mexican “State of the Republic” address), and the change in both venue and time, was said better than I could (and translated better than I would have) by Mexico epnVoices. Both articles should be read in full, to begin to understand the depth of disappointment with the supposed “maturity” of a system with two very similar political parties alternating in office. Despite the U.S. enthusiasm for Peña Nieto (mostly, I think, relief that AMLO didn’t have a stronger showing, and recognition that the much-hyped Calderon administration’s “war on drugs” and kowtowing to U.S. interests, was too heavy-handed to “sell” to the Mexican people).

José Gil Olmos, in Proceso (translated by Reed Brundage) notes that

In a country of symbols, the change of venue so that Enrique Peña Nieto can quietly and safely give his first Report of Government is very significant. in the the [Campo Martes] Military Parade Grounds and not in the Chamber of Deputies or National Palace, as he surely [he] had in mind.

The presence of thousands of teachers in the Plaza of the Constitution Square, in front of the National Palace and their latest protests and blockades of the Chamber of Deputies, the Senate, the International Airport of Mexico City, in the two main television networks,Televisa and TV Azteca, and their march to Los Pinos, forced Peña Nieto to choose the safest place to present his report on September 1.

For CNNMexico, Hector Villareal writes on the eroding legitimacy  of the Peña Nieto administration:

If the media strategy of the federal government is dedicated to motivating citizens to move forward with calls of “Yes, we can” and appealing to national pride instead of complying with its duty of reporting and accountability, to me this is an indicator that things are not going well .

The First Report of President Enrique Pena Nieto, which must be delivered on Sunday to Congress [when it opens its regular fall session], contains much good news and little positive data. He has been a good politician, but that is still not sufficient to qualify as a good president based on results .

Mexico Voices is doing a wonderful job of finding and translating the mainstream Mexican press… or the left side of the mainstream… and if it seems I’ve been just referencing them a lot lately, it’s because I am. Mexico Voices is doing a much better job than I can do with my limited resources and makes much of my work redundant.

Their translations aren’t necessarily the ones I would make (I often slightly rewrite to fit U.S. news conventions), but with Mexico Voices filling the need for access to Mexican media for English-speakers without the filter of U.S. media assumptions, and doing it regularly, I’ll cede that territory to them. With gratitude.

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