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You better treat them right… or else!

2 September 2013
This Diana, the Avenger, is not the Diana the Avenger you seek.

This Diana, the Avenger, is not the Diana the Avenger you seek.

Cd. Juarez bus drivers had better be on their best behavior.  A letter to La Jornada, signed by “Diana, la Vengadora” published this weekend reads:

Given the lack of effectiveness of the authorities in defending workers from the abuses of those drivers, someone needs to settle accounts with these degenerates … They think that because we are women, we are weak, and yes, we are, but only up to a certain point, because although we do not have anyone to defend us, and we need to work until late at night to support our families, we no longer will remain silent about those acts that enrage us.   My companions and I suffered enough in silence, we were victims of sexual violence of drivers who transport the night shifts at the maquiladora plants here in Juárez, and although many people know what we have gone through,  nobody has defended us, or done anything to protect us.

For these reasons I am taking revenge on behalf of the several women who society believes are weak, but we are brave, and if those women cannot receive respect we will take matters into our own hands, because we women of Juarez are strong.

Probably not co-incidentally, two night-shift bus drivers were shot at close range by an unknown assailant this last week.  The suspect is described as a woman about 50 years old, about 1.65 meters in height, brown skinned with dyed blond hair… in other words, a typical Juarez night-shift worker.


"Mujer y Revolucionario", Juan Piña Gámez, charcoal sketch, 2012 (University of Nuevo Leon)

“Mujer y Revolucionario”, Juan Piña Gámez, charcoal sketch, 2012 (University of Nuevo Leon)


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