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Promises, promises

7 September 2013

The Mexican press is reporting the same thing, so I’ll just do the easy thing and linkSimon Romero in the NY Times:

Mr. Obama assured Mr. Peña Nieto by phone on Thursday that the White House would determine whether the N.S.A. did in fact spy on Mexico’s leaders, and respond accordingly.

“What I got from President Obama was a commitment to a full investigation,” Mr. Peña Nieto told the BBC in an interview. He added that Mr. Obama had also promised to impose “corresponding sanctions” if the allegations turned out to be true.

So, the people who did the spying are going to investigate their own spies and impose “corresponding sanctions”. That’s reassuring, isn’t it? Especially given, as El Universal reports, the Obama and Peña Nieto “ratified a strategic alliance [otherwise undefined] between the two nations. I hope that just means they’ll both spy on Guatemala… but I have a nagging suspicion though, the “something” will be using U.S. espionage to spy on Mexicans for the benefit of the Mexican government.

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