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Not with a grito, but a torta …

16 September 2013

According to the (conservative, pro-government) REFORMA, fifteen bus-loads of passengers from Nicolas Romero, State of Mexico were sent to hear Peña Nieto’s “grito”, courtesy of the State of Mexico PRI.

The “guests” agreed to make the trip in return for free food and a front row seat.  Arriving at the Plaza of the Constitution, the Presidential staff only allowed entry into the fenced off section  closest to the National Palace to those whose hands had been stamped… and were wearing PRI logo pins. (via Liberdad Politica)

Carmen Aristgui, quoted “official” numbers to report that 70,000 turned out for the Peña Nieto grito, which included a free two-hour Juan Gabriel concert .

The more free-wheeling grito at the Monument to the Revolution staged by the dissident teachers were run off the Zocalo last week, no free sandwiches and no Juan Gabriel, is said to have attracted over 100 thousand… and of course … was not shown on TV.


(Ni un voto al PRI, via Latino Rebels … the not for public broadcast alternative grito)

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