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While I am gone… things to read

21 September 2013

I’ll add to this from time to time, but I needed a break and when you live in a resort town, that means going to someplace “real” … or perhaps, “surreal” … to clear your head,  So, I’m just wandering around Mexico City for a week, doing nothing particularly productive.  Back the first of October:

Dudley Althaus obn the storms that fortunately only did minimal damage to my house (the roof is leaking, which was one reason to get away BEFORE the full force hit north of Mazatlán):

Mexico storms: An unnatural disaster (Global Post)

Where are immigrants going?  To MEXICO!

Damien Cave, NYT:  For Migrants, New Land of Opportunity Is Mexico

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  1. Christopher Kellogg permalink
    21 September 2013 7:45 pm

    I lived in Mexico City years ago and am still contemplating a longer visit. I have not spent the night there since the turmoil of 1968.

    • 21 September 2013 10:14 pm

      It’s changed a lot, just from 2005, when I last lived here. I haven’t spent more than two or three days at a time since then, and have usually been working, so no time for just looking around.

  2. 21 September 2013 9:46 pm

    Have a good time, wish that one day I could converse with you in person!!!

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