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Old whines in new bottles

27 October 2013

A few years back there was a collective freak-out by the media when they discovered Mexicans were singing (and recording) “narcocorridos”.  Except maybe to the legions of foreign media instant experts who covered the “drug war” (or couldn’t sell a free-lance piece unless it had something to do with drug exports), what was overlooked was that Mexicans have always been crafting upbeat musical numbers about the evil-doers and evil deeds of the day.

Tres Triste Tigres with “Mi Cuenta Nueva” (lyrics translation — mostly .. by Laura Martinez (Mi blog es tu blog)

I wrote you a WhatsApp but you never answered
And you Facebook status shows you with another.

Since I didn’t want to write to your Inbox
I’ll just upload on YouTube this little song.

I closed my account to live happily with you
And got rid of all the girls that you hated…

Because of you, I lost all my friends
and nobody liked my ‘status’ any more.

Sometimes I weep upon my keyboard,
Thinking over all the grief you have brought me.

I would love for you to follow me on Twitter
Even if I don’t really understand how that thing works

I have an new unlimited upgraded iPhone,
With a brand new account, different from any that you know

My profile pic shows me and my new girl-friend
and you won’t be able to stalk me ever again

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  1. roberb7 permalink
    28 October 2013 9:45 am

    If you think that the accordion app that the guy on the left is playing is extremely cool, you’ll like this, too:

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