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Here lies Felipe Calderón…

11 November 2013

The chickens are still coming to roost on the Calderón Administration’s attempts to create legitimacy though acquiescing in the U.S. demands that Mexico “do something” about the U.S. appetite for narcotics, even if it meant a bloodbath in Mexico. Besides the huge breaches in national security and economic damage (not to mention the human toll) caused by the Calderón Administration’s actions, we have to wait for U.S. documents to confirm what we knew.

calderon-en-carcelJornada (translated by Reed Brundage for Mexico Voices) opines:

… the erratic, distorted and hardly transparent [mis]management of information by the Calderon administration was due not so much to deficiencies in public communication, but to an unacceptable desire to conceal. For six years, the public did not have clear and accurate information [from the] federal government regarding the number of detainees, the development of prosecutions and, of course, […] the tragic outcomes of the violence that occurred-and is still occurring-in the country…

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