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History comes alive… in an arrogant, arbitrary and ignorant fashion

13 November 2013

José Ortiz Urenda, a well known impersonator of independence leader Miguel Hidalgo, was arrested in Guanajuato last Saturday.

padre-HInterviewed after his release by Alberto Martinez of the regional daily, AM,  Ortiz called the local police “arrogant, arbitrary and ignorant”, and stoutly denied any wrong-doing.  He was arrested for  “scandalizing the public”.  My sense is that municipal authorities were a tad worried that a guy  shouting “Death to bad government!” might be taken at his word.

After all, the original Hidalgo was… but then again, the original Hidalgo’s head was eventually chopped off and hung from the  Alhondiga here, so Ortiz is probably lucky he got off with just a 150 peso fine for “brandishing a flagpole”.

Lozano,  Santiago. “Nació para ser Miguel Hidalgo, El Sol de Leon, 2 October 2011

Martínez, Alberto. ” Hidalgo’ se defiende de acusaciones“, AM, 12 November 2013;)



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  1. roberb7 permalink
    30 March 2015 8:42 am

    I just learned a bit more about this story. Urenda, unfortunately, has a bad habit of swearing at police. We don’t know whether this is consistent with the Father Hidalgo character, but Hidalgo was a priest.

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