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To (not) tell the truth… energy reform

18 November 2013

We are told we must “reform” our economy, but simply saying “reform” with no clear evidence that these reforms will be beneficial, nor any indication of why these reforms are in the national interest is no way to convince anyone of anything.

Adolfo Sánchez Rebolledon in La Jornada (translated by Catriona McDermid for Mexico Voices)

No one would deny that drastic changes are urgently needed in the labor, education and energy sectors, but it is obvious that not just any reform will suffice when it comes to achieving the results promised by the propaganda. The public was reassured, for example, that oil revenues would not be privatized during the energy reforms, but the government’s planned changes to Articles 27 and 28 of the Constitution fly in the face of their proclamations about rescuing Pemex. They present ideological banners instead of arguments, the alphabet of entrepreneurial common sense popular with those who, in their desire for wealth, are prepared to sell everything for one moment of first-world glory and then watch the riches melt away, just like the treasures from the colonial mines [Spain’s extraction of silver, which made it a powerful empire].

The reform process so far, with its mind-numbing trail of publicity, has been an insult to the intelligence of the Mexican public, who are not only being denied information which is available outside the country [reference to announcements in the US and European press], but also cheated of their right to be consulted in a timely and appropriate manner on an undeniably important issue.

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  1. old.frt permalink
    19 November 2013 12:27 am

    The Mexican public is being cheated out of more than consultation.
    How about being cheated out of their share of the national patrimony.
    We need more infrastructure spending for things like paved roads, water and sewer lines which benefit all, not just a few.

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