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We will fight them FOR the beaches…

19 November 2013

Club Med affiliate Aldeas Turísticas S. A. is claiming it has a “concession” allowing it exclusive rights to the 6000 meters of Playa Quieta in Zihuatanejo, Morelia.

Blocking access with cables running out to buoys at sea, and posting “restricted” signs,  Club Med claims to have special permission from the previous federal and state administrations… which have led to a denunciation (legal challenge) by local priest, Father Roberto Peña, heading a group of local citizens complaining that they, and tourists not staying at the resort, have been “escorted” off the beach, or denied entry. Consessionaires, who make a living providing services to beach users have also complained… in one instance,   beach chairs offered for rent by  Promotora de Playa Quieta, were removed by Club Med personnel, which justified their actions by saying the Club had chairs of its own to rent, and that it did provide public access… provided you were staying at their resort.

Club Med Condos, December 2013, ""

Club Med Condos, December 2013, “”

“We … want to rescue that beach, because there is no right to exclusive use, nor is it fair for a company to divest the public of a beach belonging to all Mexicans,” Father Peña said.  , it is not fair that a company will divest the public of a beach that belongs to all Mexicans, Father Peña said.

Under Mexican law there is no such thing as a private beach.  SEMARNAT (the Secretariat of Natural Resources) has the right to make some restrictions… motor vehicle use, or for wildlife preservation (sea turtle nesting sites are off-limits to people and horses part of the year, for example) and forbidding dangerous activities, but that’s it.

...we will NEVER surrender!

…we will NEVER surrender!

Beaches ARE public property under Mexican law and private property owners abutting beaches MUST provide public access.  With talk of permitting foreigners to own property within 20 Km of the coasts (which foreigners do now, by setting up a Mexican trust to be the legal owner… which Aldea Turistica S.A. appears to be for Club Med) this is likely to become an ever more contentious issue, and issues like this one in Zihuatanejo, are just one reason talk of a constitutional change that would allow for foreigners to buy property outright in the exclusion zones is bitterly opposed by nearly everyone except real estate developers (and the politicians honest enough to  stay bought).

Agencia Quadratin

Despertar de la costa

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  1. roberb7 permalink
    19 November 2013 7:10 pm

    Here’s a solution: declare this 6 km. of oceanfront to be a sea turtle reserve.

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