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Bread and roses… or art and pensions

30 November 2013

Via “From Xico“, Esther writes on the controversy revolving around suggestions that the Diego Rivera murals in Detroit (the Ciudad Juarez of the United States) be sold to cover municipal debts.  My own feeling is that the work is owned by the PEOPLE of Detroit, not the City of Detroit.

diego_detroitThe state´s attorney general has said that it is a charitable trust and as such can’t be sold to pay off the debts of the city.  But it’s still not clear that it will be preserved for the city.  It is possible that the art will be put in opposition to the city workers’ pensions: keep the art or pay the retired workers.

Brooks points to the dedication at the entrance of the DIA:  Dedicated to the people of Detroit for the knowledge and enjoyment of art.”  That so many people in Detroit want the art to stay in the face of the obvious suffering of the city is remarkable.  This is a debate worth having. Art held in the name of the people, for the people: does it help when people are poor?

Excellent links and more on the controversy at From Xico.


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