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A miner with a heart of wool?

2 December 2013

For my friends (and opposition researchers) in the extractive industries… Inca Kola News has a longish piece worth reading on how one mining company in Peru  (Minera Chindin, S.A.C.) manages to build solid relations with its neighbors, and avoid the conflicts between the traditional rural sectors of the economy and the mining companies over water and other essential resources:

Alpacas“Written by alpaca fibre and Peru expert Francis Rainsford, it tells of an inexpensive and effective method that mining companies can use to gain strong approval and solid community relations in Andean high country project locations.”

Minera Chindin S.A.C., a model for junior mining community relations in Peru

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  1. 3 December 2013 7:23 am

    In today’s attack of the pedants, Alpaca’s product is not wool. It’s fibre.

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