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10 December 2013

Certainly, it’s one tolerated by the “mainstream”:

There is a subculture of cruelty within the Border Patrol—and, more broadly, within the entire machinery of the U.S. deportation regime. From the ranks of frontline Border Patrol agents to the guards in private, for-profit detention facilities, the abuse of detainees is widely tolerated and even accepted. This is the central finding to emerge from the second wave of the Migrant Border Crossing Study (MBCS). Wave II of the MBCS is currently housed in the Center for

Photo:  John Moore/Getty, "The Daily Beast

Photo: John Moore/Getty, “The Daily Beast

Latin American Studies at the University of Arizona and the Department of Sociology at George Washington University. The survey is a study of 1,110 randomly selected, recently repatriated migrants who were surveyed in six Mexican cities between 2009 and 2012. The results of this study are being released in a series of three reports titled Bordering on Criminal: The Routine Abuse of Migrants in the Removal System.

More at: “New Reports Expose Subculture of Cruelty Within the U.S. Border Patrol“, Walter Ewing (Immigration Impace, 10 December 2013)

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