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Chapo in Honduras?

23 December 2013

Honduran Deputy Defense Minister Carlos Roberto Funes warnes that Joaquín Guzman Loera, alias “El Chapo,” may be in Honduras,  who warns that his country is the most vulnerable nation in Central America to having its institutions penetrated by organized crime.

(SPD Noticias)

Honduras’ public institutions and it’s government are an organized criminal enterprise, but leaving that aside, is sounds very much like the same excuse given by the Calderón Administration, which also came to power amid credible claims from the leftist opposition that it had subverted the democratic process to achieve a dubious electoral victory, and was in need of a rationale to justify militarizing its internal security apparatus. And, just coincidentally, give the United States a credible excuse for providing the resources to track citizens and quash resistance to implementing neo-liberal “reforms”.

Lempira to doughnuts, even if Chapo were in Honduras, his people would no more be the victims of any state action than they were here… but rather the beneficiary of the state’s elimination of his rivals.

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