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Fracking… with a side of snark

9 January 2014

The BEST article I’ve seen on “energy reform”  in Mexico …. and the dubious economics and political maneuvering (and the guy leading the charge) behind it … comes from Lisa Wines at the U.S. political humor site, Wonkette.  The video, from Narco News is … while simplistic … a better look at fracking, and its effects on Mexico, than anything else I’ve seen or could possibly say.

caricature of Peña Nieto, Revista Replicante.

caricature of Peña Nieto, Revista Replicante.

… what about Peña Nieto’s spicy butt sex and wife murdering rumors, you ask? Not a whisper. That I could find. Sorry! But he sure has been busy rubbing up against industrialists and giving American capitalists and Chinese commie-capitalists erections. So let’s have some verdad about all these “reforms” Peña Nieto has been making. We can start with one of his controversial energy reforms, like how he’s inviting outsiders to enter Mexico’s soft, verdant love garden, drill deeply past her crusty exterior and frack her, frack her hard.

Read it and snicker… then weep…

Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto Wants Mexico To Get Fracked

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