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And the point was? Fallon Poisson speaks.

12 January 2014

I can’t vouch for the validity of this, but a “manifesto” supposedly written by Fallon Poisson (identified as “The Canadian anarchist accused of terrorism for throwing a molotov cocktail at a government office in D.F.”) was posted on Webguerrillo … a Mexican-based “Revolutionary,  anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist, anti-zionist, anti-fascist, internationalist, ecologic, socialist and feminist” site.

The letter was in Spanish, although for whatever reason, Poisson’s manifesto was printed using the letter “x” instead of “o” in  plural terminations (“juntxs” for juntos; nosotrxs for “nosotros”, ellxs for “ellos”, etc.  This may be an affectation, a broken typewriter, or some attempt to write gender-neutral Spanish… although she spelled the word “tenemos” … we have… normally).  As with many native Spanish writers, she used commas where English writers would put a period (and I did, in my translation).

While simplistic, the letter belie initial media reports that Poisson did not understand Spanish.  It also suggests that this was not a random incident,  and that she was, indeed, an anarchist.  A rather confused anarchist, and the kind who gives anarchism a bad name… being, as she is, responsible for a rather pointless action that accomplished nothing.

(my translation):

Hello friends !

We are here together , we on our side, you perhaps on the other.  In the language of the state there are years or miles that separate us, but the the thing we share is much bigger than all the miles and years. The state plans to create a distance between us, but instead  we will be more together than ever!

Today is the eighth of the roughly 60 hours spent traveling in the cars of the fucking police to federal and provincial centers.  Although they’ve decided to hold us here another  48 hours, they have nothing because silence is stronger than repression.

The most important thing for me right now is to construct a force stronger than jail . We put this in the context of international relations.  For me solidarity is friendship.   I’m not a victim or a political detainee.  I use the fact that we live right now to build bigger and stronger friendship . I’m ready to fight authority here and outside.  I ‘ll never stop. Prison is a normal reality and I will use this experience and I hope you also develop a stronger individual strength each day.

We are here and we will always be here to meet all of reality in prison and outside.

A big hug to all.  Down with authority here and abroad !

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  1. old.frt permalink
    12 January 2014 6:22 pm

    She should have married the accountant.
    I think his name was Marvin.

  2. old.frt permalink
    12 January 2014 11:26 pm

    No way to explain this.
    No harm was intended, nor implied.
    If I could I would withdraw it.

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