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News wars?

15 January 2014

On his Monday evening Televisa news broadcast — by far the most viewed newscast in a country where close to 90 percent of the population gets its news from television,  anchorman José López Dóriga presented a video of Michoacán self-defense group leader Dr. José Manuel Mireles calling for the groups to disarm and to not oppose the Army units sent into the state that afternoon (just as the self-defense groups were preparing to drive out the last pockets of “Knights Templar” gangsters).

Dr. Morales denied having said what López Dóriga reported, but his denials were seen only on youtube videos and similar alternative media… although — in what appears to be something of a first for Televisa, Denise Maerker, imageson Tuesday night’s  late night (11.15 PM) news program Punto de Partida,  aired evidence that the López Dóriga video was manipulated … as Dr. Mireles claimed.  What the country doctor turned guerrilla leader had said was that the self-defense groups would lay down their arms WHEN the government arrested the leaders of the Knights Templars.  Something quite difference from allowing themselves to be put under military occupation in their own country, by their own army… with no guarantees that the gangsters they’d been fighting will be punished.

Though, one expects — as has happened before — Sra. Maerker will be looking for a new job soon.



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