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Los zetas need an image consulatant… desperately

20 January 2014

Back in the day when los Zetas were the worst of the gangsters in Mexico (which seemed to change week by week… the fact that their first “don” was a former Special Forces guy, and some of their early recruits were also from the Mexican military led to the widespread belief that these guys were some sort of army of evil… which — while they were (and are) evil bastards — was just plain silly.

Every time you saw a “perp parade” of various Zetas you were struck, if by anything, of their un-military, undisciplined, look.  One always got the sense that the reason they were always paraded before the cameras in their jockey shorts wasn’t (as one supposed) to show they hadn’t been battered and bruised by the police, but to show that these bozos weren’t so ferocious after all… something not helped by their habit of giving themselves ridiculous noms de crime.

Domingo Suárez Lacroix had been captured by the Army back in 2003 with 446 kilogs de cocaine, managed to get himself sprung from prison a year later and then got into a shootout with the police.  On  an outstanding warrant from the State of Tabasco, he was picked up in the Federal District and packed off to Altiplano Maximum Security Prison yesterday.

Which means, we are all supposed to feel safer, knowing  El Teletubi is behind bars.  El Teletubi?  Really?

With no perp photo in the papers today, this’ll have to do…


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