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23 January 2014

Richard Fausett, Los Angeles Times:

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto said Wednesday that the vigilante “self-defense” groups of Michoacan had “in no way” been allowed to expand on his watch, even though the groups began to emerge three months after his inauguration and have indeed grown in scope and power since.

Michoacan’s armed vigilantes went on the offensive this month, seizing control of a number of towns and communities and declaring their intention to directly confront their enemy, the Knights Templar drug pena-nieto-redes-sociales-eleccionescartel, given the government’s inability to root it out of the southwestern state. Peña Nieto’s government was forced to send in a surge of troops and federal police last week to avert a bloodbath.


The president’s take on the self-defense groups may be part of his administration’s desire to downplay the crisis in Michoacan, which has garnered international attention at the expense of news about the president’s ambitious reform agenda.

Well, that, or just because we have pyramids here, too… Peña Nieto thinks denial is a river in Mexico.

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