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It’s not easy being green…

13 February 2014

Something he ate?


Whoever it was who was contracted to restore the Benito Juárez statue in San Nicholas de la Garza (a wealthy suburb of Monterrey) had the bright idea of putting some color into Don Benito’s presidential sash… and a bit too much color into Don Benito. 

This is the second or third botched “restoration project” I’ve heard of, or seen, in the past few months.  The most notorious was the damage done to the 18th century lost wax bronze “Caballito” in Mexico City, which did permanent damage to one of the world’s best known monuments (and the largest sculpture of its kind in the Americas).  Here in Mazatlan, the Continuidad de la Vida (an oddball composition featuring dolphins, a giant snail shell and anatomically correct buff naked people) was also spiffed up… leaving the naked buff people with some horrible skin rash and big patches of black against their bronzed complexion. 

Either there are a bunch of incompetents working at the INAH (the federal agency overseeing monuments and archeological sites) … or they always claim to be shocked and appalled by the work… or they’re letting contracts to people they shouldn’t  or maybe — in the latest artistic atrocity —  the Austrians are behind it.  They never got over the botched job done on their  monmentally stupid installation  …  that of Maximilian von Hapsburg as Emperor of Mexico.  After Juárez had the hapless Hapsburg shot, the Austrians wanted the corpse.  The surgeon who did Max’s autopsy had never embalmed anyone before. Though he could find a recipe for embalming fluid, he didn’t have the have the right ingredients on hand, so sort of winged it.  But, at least when the Mexicans shipped back a bright green dead Archduke, they had the good sense to slap some gilding on his hands and face, making him look like he had at least a  ghost of a tan. 

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