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This TIME, they went too far…

14 February 2014

TIMEVia El Deforma (the Mexican equivalent of The Onion):

El Deforma would like to express an official statement regarding the recent events and content made public by the American magazine “Time”. El Deforma would like to make clear that we have no ties to said publication and there is no connection whatsoever between the two.

El Deforma is well known for writing satiric and fictional news posts, but we would never have the courage to come up with such a controversial title that would cause anger to the Mexican people, like Time magazine did.

As always, we are strong advocates of freedom of speech, be it in our country or anywhere in the world, but we strongly believe that there is a fine limit to the jokes that such a widely read site can divulge.

We strongly disapprove the way Time is mocking our President with such a sarcastic cover and we reiterate our absolute independence to their head company Time Warner.

Regarding the rumors of a possible purchase of Time magazine by Grupo Mexicano El Deforma, we would like to state that there is no such negotiation and that an offer was never presented.


El Deforma’s Editorial Chief

Snark being a national sport here, the Time cover is ripe for creative revisions:


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