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Best attempt yet at figuring out the Venezuelan opposition

21 February 2014

Celina Andreassi, in The Argentina Independent:

What the opposition had in economic power and support from the elites, it lacked in street presence. Here’s where the students come in. […]  students from private universities in Venezuela have been trained and financially supported by the opposition’s traditional ally – the US – since as early as 2008. …

Indeed, US support of Venezuelan opposition is a story on its own. It is nothing new […] Back in 2002, George W. Bush’s administration was quick to justify the illegitimate and short-lived government of Pedro Carmona that resulted from a military coup, and it has been alleged that, at the very least, it knew about -if not cooperated directly with- the coup. Buxton estimates the combined financial support from US institutions to Venezuelan opposition groups since 2002 in as much as US$45m, much of it aimed at ‘youth outreach programmes’ […].

tempExisting everyday problems faced by Venezuelan society, such as insecurity, high inflation, and shortages -probably caused by a mix of economic sabotage and the ineffectiveness of an increasingly hypertrophied and corrupt state- were used as excuses for the students’ mobilisations. However, these are situations that have existed for some time now, that have not lost the government any elections, and where no significant changes have been verified in recent times. The most recent objective change in Venezuela’s situation seems to be within the opposition, rather than the government.

So, what are López and company trying to achieve? Whilst they talk about pushing for Maduro’s “exit”, it has been profusely pointed out that the opposition does not have the support of the armed forces, so attempting a traditional coup d’êtat or a strategy based on street violence can only result in a -probably ineffective- bloodbath.

They have definitely appealed to the international public opinion by intensifying the smear campaign the international press has been waging on the Venezuelan government for years. However, it’s uncertain how this could have an immediate impact on the local situation, especially since regional organisations and neighbouring governments have closed ranks behind the defence of institutional stability in Venezuela.

Well-worth reading in its entirety. HERE.

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  1. Peter Melvoin permalink
    21 February 2014 10:58 pm

    “Well-worth reading in its entirety. HERE”

    Should be a regular read for those interested in South American issues.

    Nice find!

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