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Strange brew (of ex-pats)

24 February 2014

Mexico can still be a sunny place for shady people.  The other Gail Collins (not the New York Times columnist) was a well known rock lyricist for Cream and Mountain.  In 1983, she shot her husband, Mountain’s Felix Pappalardi (“Mississippi Queen”) and was convicted on manslaughter.

A “…witch of trouble in electric blue”?  Well, maybe.  She disappeared in 1985, while on parole, and was living as a cantankerous expat recluse in Ajijic until her death sometime in the last several weeks (the body was not discovered until recently) at the age of 72.

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  1. roberb7 permalink
    24 February 2014 2:31 pm

    Wow. I’m a bit of a fan of Mountain, but I wasn’t aware that Pappalardi is long gone.
    I saw Leslie West in a Jersey Shore club during the 70’s. He was morbidly obese even then, but he’s still with us.

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