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Check grandma’s attic

15 March 2014

che6If you had relatives visiting Mexico City between September 1954 and November 1955, you might want to look through the old family albums. Maybe they bought some photos from a street photographer of some fame.

che7… while in Mexico following his motorcycle journey through Latin America, he got a contract with Agencia Latina (photographing the Pan-American Games of 1955, for which he was ultimately never paid) and also earned some of his living as an itinerant photographer in the parks and squares of Mexico City. He then continued taking pictures during the armed revolt in Cuba and through the course of the Cuban revolution; and even as he was traveling around the world as a member of the Cuban government. A very unusual experience as a photographer.

Elie Ivanova, “Che Guevara the photographer” Parasol Photography (19 April 2012)

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  1. chris sims permalink
    16 March 2014 9:43 am

    A true Latin American heroe and role model,as was Camilo,it’s a shame what Castro did to them.

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