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A nice beat, but can you blow stuff upto it?

24 March 2014

I always figure its a measure of how relatively safe Mexico City is what kind of crimes are reported:

Officers of the Federal District Secretariat of Public Security* seized a firecracker from a group of youths identified as “reggaetoneros”** which they had allegedly attempted to hide in a trash can outside Pantitlán Metro Station. 

The youths apparently had intended to use the firecracker in an attack on a rival group that had previously beaten one of them. 

Not the real Task Force Zorro

Not the real Task Force Zorro

According to the police report, officers of the Task Force Zorro shadowed the group as they left the station.  Sensing the police presence, the youths became nervous and one of them approached the trash can in a suspicious manner. 

While inspecting the scene, officers discovered the firecracker, preventing its detonation.  It was removed under tight security to a place where it could not harm anyone. 

Due to the risk of the operation, an intensive search for the perpetrator followed, but there was no capture.

On the other hand, officers dissuaded a group of rockeros, who those who presumably inflicted the beating the attempted firecracker assault, from searching for the other gang.

Finding nothing to prosecute, officers convinced the 20 or so rockeros to go their separate ways.  

*  Police-beat reporters are usually paid by the word.  Why say ” Police” when you can use five or six words?

** Youth gangs here aren’t fighting over turf so much as they are over musical style.  Reggaetoneros — aficionados of the Puerto Rican musical style — have been duking it out with Rockeros this season.   It’s probably not all that serious, but these kids tend to get into fights on the subway, which is a headache for the police…

My translation from:  David Fuentes, “Decomision petardo a ‘reguatoneros’ en Metro Pantitlán” El Universal, 23 March 2014

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