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OOPS! When the tax-man cometh… you no goeth

26 March 2014

From Cuenca Ecuador (not much different from Ajijic or other gringo ghettos  here in Mexico) an object lesson for expats :  if your business model is working with gringos, you have to play by gringo rules.  And if you’re a gringo depending on gringos in foreign countries, make sure your provider is playing by the rules.

Cuenca Digest:

Two Cuenca expat couples have been denied a return trip to Ecuador due to alleged tax violations in the indexU.S. In both cases, IRS attorneys were granted a writ of Ne Exeat Republica by the courts, an order that requires those served to turn over their passports and to remain in the U.S. until legal settlements are reached.

U.S. Marshals stopped Alan and Teresa Anderson at the Miami airport March 2 as they prepared to board a LAN flight to Quito. According to court documents, the Andersons are charged with falsifying tax returns and evading more than $350,000 in taxes…


Alan Anderson, a former CPA from Denver, operated Cuenca Gringo Tax Service, advising expats on U.S. tax issues. …

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