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Reversable error

28 March 2014

Even purveyors of pedo-porn get the protection of the courts in Mexico.. presuming they can afford to hire lawyers to pursue the case.

Jean Succar Kuri was a  Lebanese born U.S.-Mexican multi-millionaire with several successful businesses in Cancún… among them renting out little girls to sex tourists and distributing kiddy-porn.  He is the central figure in Lydia Cacho’s 2005 expose of the Cancún sex-tourism industry, “Demons of Eden”.   Kuri fled to the United States, but was extradited the next year.

He was initially sentenced to 112 years in prison, but successfully appealed the sentence on the grounds that it was excessive,  The then 67 year old’s sentence was reduce to a mere 70 years.  He has since appealed again, and again successfully.  When the reduced sentence was pronounced, on 30 August 2011, the clerk of the court did not sign the court order as a witness to the judge’s signature.

About as much of an outing as he'll ever get. (Photo:  Cuartoscuro)

About as much of an outing as he’ll ever get.
(Photo: Cuartoscuro)

I suppose it is justice that the courts upheld Kuri’s appeal and that there is admission that a “technical error” would vacate the sentence.  Not that Kuri’s trip to court is going to do him much good other than giving him a change of scenery for the afternoon.  The appeals judge ordered the original judge to reissue a 70 year sentencing order, and make sure this time, the clerk does witness and sign the document.

I just wonder if the clerk also signed the order fining the other clerk 100 times the minimum wage fine for failing to perform his duty properly, or if it will be appealed.

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