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(Not so) Barbarous Mexico

29 March 2014

Via AP:

MEXICO CITY — Mexico’s lower house of Congress has approved a bill that allows for prison terms for fans who engage in violent acts at sporting events.

Lawmakers approved the bill Thursday that calls for sentences ranging from three days to four years for those who enter stadiums without authorization, throw objects that put lives at risk or engage in physical violence.


Not our cup of atole, chaps.

I haven’t heard such worries about soccer violence since, oh… a kid set off a bottle rocket a few years back.  TV news was dominated by  the incident which sparked this bill… a bunch of hooligans (“Mexicanized” by the talking heads “ooliganos” engaged in “ooliganismo”) waling away on a couple of cops. The idiots were filmed beating and jumping on the policemen, were identified, and have been detained.

But… as the TV announcers (both during the sports and news segments) all commented, we’re a civilized country… not like… oh… the British.  Or, rather, don’t want to get the bad rap they did.

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  1. Peter Melvoin permalink
    29 March 2014 11:20 pm

    U.S. Little League baseball is littered with incidents of parents doing violence to the coaches and umpires.

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