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Will be off-line temporarily…

10 April 2014

If my posts have been mostly links to other sites lately, it’s because I have been extremely busy with our publishing business. We have two new books coming out (or, rather have been printed, though are not in hand yet): Brave Blood, a definitive lexicon of bull-fighting, and a second printing of Sterling Bennett’s “thinking man’s western”, Playing for Pancho Villa. In addition, we have about a dozen works in progress (or… rather… in various states of progress), including at some point, a revised “Gods, Gachupines and Gringos.

And, while I’ve agreed to take on (at least part time) a consulting project headquartered in Mexico City which would only require occasional stays of a couple of days at a time, I have also long known that doing business in Mexico… even in the age of E-mail and video conferencing… is a face-to-face proposition. And, Mazatlán is not on the radar of most publishing and book distribution people. A one or two day fly-in visit is not enough time to hunt up sales people, buyers, distributors… nor is it always possible to do research for my own writing completely on-line.

So… I’m off to Mexico City tomorrow, and will be commuting back and forth for at least the next few months. I should be posting semi-regularly again by next week at some point. Here, or there… if not somewhere else.

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