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Not to be paranoid or anything…. BUT….

7 May 2014


(Reuters) – Colombia said on Tuesday it had uncovered spying aimed at disrupting peace talks with leftist rebels that might have included hacking the e-mail of President Juan Manuel Santos after the government raided an office used by an opposition political candidate’s staff.

Colombia’s prosecution service raided an office used by right-wing presidential candidate Oscar Ivan Zuluaga’s social media team in an up-market area of northern Bogota on Monday after receiving a tip-off, the government said.

rendonPolitical “strategist” j.J. Rendón, whose name surfaces as the candidate in question’s paid adviser surfaced also in recent news reports as having been hired by Colombian narcos to work out agreements with the government. And, in any number of news stories over the last several years in connection to his campaign work for anti-Chavez people in Venezuela, the fake election of Pepe Lopez in Honduras after the coup, and in Enrique Peña Nieto’s presidential campaign here (which if you remember, led to any number of allegations of fraud, and the final nail in the coffin for the credibility of the now-defunct Federal Elections Commission (IFE) here).

I don’t believe that “kingpins”… in crime or politics… are essential, only that there are indiviuals who are very good at putting the pieces together when it comes to mutual interests among groups. And Rendón seems to be one of those people. I leave it up to you why neo-liberals and gangsters use the same PR guy.

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