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Why don’t you do it in the road?

17 August 2014

Mexicans walk everywhere… heck, they’ve been know to walk across national borders.  And, champion pedestrians that they are, it’s a national characteristic to develop an absolute, impenetrable fearlessness when faced with motor vehicles.  Sidewalks, after all, are sometimes more dangerous in the scheme of things…when they’re not crowded with stalls and stands, and businesses, they are likely to just suddenly end…a couple of meters above street level.

While Mexico even has a day to honor pedestrian,  “Dia del Peatón” (which was yesterday, by the way), it doesn’t mean everyone respects the pedestrian.  While the day is not celebrated with mass walking in the streets (that’s every day… it’s called a demonstration), it does give the authorities an excuse to warn us about the dangers of walking.   In Mexico City, nine pedestrians, and six traffic police officers, are hit every day by moving vehicles.  It’s almost always the drivers’ fault.

(data by Fanny Ruiz-Palacios, El Universal)

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