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“Any place we find peace and work”

23 August 2014

From Fusion TV:  Dan Lieberman on San Pedro Sula, which is the most exemplary of places sending migrants to the U.S.

Excellent coverage, although of course, one report can’t cover everything.  What Lieberman couldn’t get into was that the same scenarios have been played out not just in urban areas but in rural ones as well… here in Sinaloa and throughout northern Mexico criminality, and the state response to criminality led to an internal refugee situation as well as mass migration.  Unlike urban communities (like San Pedro Sula) where abandoned neighborhoods are identifiable, identifying emptied out rural hamlets is much harder, and it would be harder still  to distinguish between the criminals and their victims (since neither are going to speak of the situation), or to find “disinterested parties” able to speak on the situation.  Or even to get a camera crew in.

While there has been military/police repression throughout the region, in Honduras (again, somthing Lieberman couldn’t easily get into this story), there is a particularly repressive state with even less legitimacy than the Calderón administration had here in Mexico during our own “drug war”.



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