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It’s company policy

2 September 2014

People in the United States are starting to discover that the police “serve and protect”… not citizens, but economic interest. In Cozumel, four local police officers, accompanied by a security guard for “Playa Mia Grand Beach and Water Park” (the name is in English, and so is their website), demanded Daniel Francisco Espinobarros and his family leave the beach on the grounds that it was “private property”. Espinobarros, quite rightly pointing out that besides the resort being closed and the family not using any of the Playa Mia facilities, they were within the “Zofemat” (Zona Federal de Maritima) which cannot be private property, but is open to the public (with a few exceptions like nesting areas for sea turtles).

Even when Espinobarros said he was a local resident, and a taxpayer, he was told to leave… “It’s company policy, and if you have a complaint take it up with the management”. He is…the “management” is the Mexican people, the video of the exchange (just under nine minutes) going viral on facebook, youtube, and other social media, and mentioned in the more traditional forms.

This is something that does happen, apparently more on the Caribbean side than over where I live (although the “all-inclusive” resorts have been blocking beach access, most of Mazatlan’s beach is not only public, but has pbulic access every few blocks) and seems to be more common where there are foreign hotels, and foreign guests.


Sources:  El Informador,  Proceso, Facebook (Araza Patita Espinobarros)

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