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For a change, good news for indigenous students

7 October 2014

It isn’t much, but with the news filled with reports on the massacre of the innocents in Iguala, while overlooking and downplaying the on-going violence against indigenous people here from all sides… stealing water from the Yaquis, and land from just about everyone, on behalf of corporate interests…. there is a bit of good news from the world of business.


Notimex (via Siglo de Torreón)… my rough translation:

Mozilla’s Mexican representativeJusai Palma Prieto, has annouced that Firebox browsers are now available in 32 Mexican languages or dialects, the idea being that the technology th should not only look to the future of the people, but look back at their honorable past. “

In an interview with Notimex, Palma said that 90 percent of the design for these navigation services were created by university committed to their own cultures.

One of the benefits of these projects, is that once they have been completed they are validated by the National Institute of Indigenous Languages​​, which gives assurance that this product is real,” he said.

This can he achieved, he added, because we are not a company or a corporatation that generates profits and has to be accountable to its investors, but a group of people who care about others.

The work today he compared to that being done with Wikipedia, which is adding content in Nahuatl, with the idea that speakers of that language will not give up because of the social stigma [of using a minority language], but will use it, thus preserving their culture.

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