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Ayotzinapa: “Tell us what to do”

13 November 2014



Ontlahtlani to tonaltzintli, kemania mo nextihtzinoz?
In to tiotzi Texcatlipocatl chokatinemi, aka kuili I pipiltotzin
Zeki kihtohua oyehke omepoali uan yie, ipan Ayotzipan,
Uan okzekime mo polihtimeni ipan okzeki hueyi altepeme.

Non tlen or tech tlahtolmaka, or tech nahuati
Mo xokoyotzin cuahutemotzin,
Tik chian in tonal mo mahuizotzi ti kizaz
UAN hiki ti mo chihchihuazke, xikita ti kahkokihke in tletl itech in tocha
Ximo nexti tonaltzin.


We are biding our time… oh when will you return?
Great-Grandfather, Texcatlipocatl join in mourning our stolen children.
Some say it was forty-three taken from Ayotzinapa
And we know not how many others elsewhere.

Speak to us, we will follow your advice
To the last of your sons, Cuahutemotzin,
We await the day we go forward.
Strengthen us, looking to keep the fire inside our homes,
Until you reveal yourself to us, oh Great Sun.

(Apologies to Irwin — Rescantando Al Idoma Nahuatl — for the very loose translation … or rather attempted reworking, via a Spanish translation and a Nahautl cribsheet — of the original)

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