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Prison reform?

24 December 2014

reos1The State of Chihuahua has opened a special prison (er… “Center for Social Readaption” to use the Mexican bureaucratic euphemism) specifically for indigenous convicts.  Located in Guachochi, an extremely poor, rural community, I suppose, like similar communities in the U.S., a prison is a boost to the local economy.  Guachochi is perhaps the best place for an indigenous prison, the municipality being majority indigenous (Tarahumara and Tepehuán), and prison authorities claim that a special prison just for indigenous convicts (from various communities, not just the two in Guachochi) will allow for better services, easier family visits and maintaining the prisoner’s rights to constitutionally guaranteed practices according to traditional uses and customs.

How that will work out in practice, and how much is actual good will, as opposed to bureaucratic spin, I just don’t know.

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