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What ever happened to “Gracías que no”?

26 January 2015


Carlos Brito Gómez, a PRI official in the State of Veracruz is the President of the state party’s “Internal Procedures Commission” which was taking a break from selecting candidates for the upcoming state and municipal elections, when this photo was taken.

Perhaps Señor Brito forgets that the party claims to support Mexican entrepreneurs, or perhaps that the political elites are above the petty concerns of the working class… or that he’s just a pendejo.

The boy, thought to be about seven, left without selling a single piece of candy.


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  1. old.frt permalink
    26 January 2015 9:40 am

    Someone who is a true entrepreneur will crop this photo.
    Silk-screened onto the front of a T-shirt with un pendejo on the back it will sell millions of units.

  2. old.frt permalink
    26 January 2015 3:29 pm

    Where is Charles Dickens now that we need him?

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