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Say what?

27 January 2015

Gee, apparently this site is being followed by 275 other websites… the latest being “Economic & Multicultural Zeitgeist”  which rails against

This modern day inquisition [which] constitutes a foreign elitist multicultural agenda that facilitates the dark hedonistic subversion of my nation through mass enemy coreligionist immigration and dark heathen race mixing involving socioeconomic theft through communist social justice indoctrination, mongrelizing diversity through racial guilt, and forced fascist tolerance of anti-white protestant christian subversives working within our institutions causing racial self-eradication, religious genocide, and the destruction of our unique form of white christian Republicanism founded upon our white protestant ethics.

Mexfiles — your one-stop source for all your inquisitive foreign elitist multiculturalism, dark heathen race mixing and social justice — thanks you for your support.


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  1. DonAlbertoDoyle permalink
    30 January 2015 10:06 pm

    The dude’s name is Asshcherick?

    Sometimes the system DOES work.

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