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A billion here, 495.6 billion there…

30 January 2015

President Barack Obama’s administration hopes to increase funding to Central America to $1 billion next year as part of a drive to boost relations with southern neighbors, bolster security and stem illegal immigration.

“On Monday, President Obama will request from Congress $1 billion to help Central America’s leaders make the difficult reforms and investments required to address the region’s interlocking security, governance and economic challenges,” Vice President Joe Biden said Thursday.

Obama and Biden may be fine individuals, and as leaders, good on their domestic programs… but like every other US government since the Wilson Administration (ah… Hell, since the MONROE administration) their Central American policy is to force these states into subservience, and “help” them.. by exploiting their resources and people for the advantage of the US.

With about a third of the money ($300 million) earmarked to “improve community security, promote police reform, continue defense cooperation, and attack organized crime.” one can safely assume that, as with “Plan Merida” financing this money is not going to Central Americans, but to US businesses in the “security” reacket… arms dealers and military equipment providers.

That emigration from Central America has less to do with “drugs” per se than with the subservient position of these nations (as suppliers of raw materials) in a so-called “free market”, and that the so-called “free” market more than anything else has destroyed local economies and internal markets (and some external ones too… wanna bet the US will insist on not doing business with Venezuela?), keep your eye on this one… drugs are about the only locally controlled industries left to Central Americans where at least some of the profits are repatriated.

Of course, if any of the Central Americans complain, or “act out” in their own self-interest, the US military budget ($495.6 billion) is more than adequate to control the situation.

Agence France-Presse
U.S. Military Budget: Components, Challenges, Growth

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