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We didn’t do it, and promise never to do it again

5 February 2015

The Peña Nieto administration has launched a strong legal offensive against a possible trial of Felipe Calderón by International Criminal Court, which has received numerous accusations of crimes against humanity arising from the previous administration-s prosecution of the U.S. sponsored “drug war”.

It is really a no-brainer: Peña Nieto’s government fears an extension of the investigation would look at the present administration as well, including the human rights violations at Tlatlaya and Ayotzinapa. So presses the prosecutor in charge of the dossier and even brags to the amount of money donated to court.

According to Proceso, while there are differences in opinion over whether to defend the ex-President (obviously,

Fatou Bensouda... she who must be convinced

Fatou Bensouda… she who must be convinced

the present PRI administration would benefit in discrediting Calderón’s Party, PAN), the Peña Nieto government has actively attempted to prevent cases accepted by the Hague from going forward. In addition to lobbying the United Nations though continual references to Mexican support (financial and otherwise) of various human rights organizations, the administration has sent a team of lawyers from both the Foreign Secretariat and the PRG (Justice Department) to attempt to convince the International Court’s Chief Prosecutor, Gambian attorney Fatou Bensouda, to accept the previous government’s internal investigations, without looking at the allegations raised by the complainants.


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