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6 February 2015

Via KVUE (Austin, TX):

SAN MIGUEL DE ALLENDE, Mexico — Mexico is offering undocumented foreigners including Americans amnesty if they come forward and apply for legal status.


The issue of undocumented Americans living in Mexico is an open secret in places like San Miguel de Allende, a colonial city that is popular with tourists.

“Yeah, there are some people that I believe are here that are probably undocumented and working,” said Christine Johnson, a legal permanent resident in San Miguel de Allende.

Undocumented Mexicans caught crossing the border into the U.S. are “sent back quickly,” said Francisco Sanchez, a San Miguel native who earns a living shining shoes in the town square.

Rather than face deportation Americans and other foreigners who don’t have documents are getting a chance to legalize their status under a temporary program.

The National Migration Institute webpage describes the program as “directed to all foreigners who have made Mexico their permanent residence, but because of diverse circumstances have not been able to regularize their stay in our country.”


“Foreigners go and complain to the immigration authorities, they kind of look at you and say ‘you know what they do to Mexicans in the U.S.,'” said Munoz.

Among the biggest differences: the issue of divided families.

“The minute a baby is born in Mexico, the parents can get the residence just to protect the family,” said Munoz.

U.S. citizens who violate Mexico’s immigration laws do face a penalty, usually a fine but most also get the opportunity fix the problem.

This year between Jan. 12 and Dec. 18, the Mexican government is allowing undocumented foreigners who come forward to “legalize” their status to do so without paying a fine.

The Morales family wishes they had the same opportunity in the U.S. “Our kids were born in the United States,” said Daisy Morales, a San Miguel native.

Morales was an undocumented worker living in Fort Worth when her children were born. She returned to Mexico voluntarily to try to get “a pardon” from the U.S. government so she can enter the country legally with her husband and their children.


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  1. mexicomystic permalink
    7 February 2015 3:01 pm

    Mexican Immigrations has done this a few times before. I recall about 7 or 8 years back They offered to fix the status of undocumented foreigners. I don’t think it was aimed at Americans so much as it was intended more for Central americans. As for illegal Americans, i feel it was more a case of they had fallen in love, or gotten married here, or just plain drank too much and their papers had expired. I know how they feel I’ve had my visa run out and it was more costly to go to the border than to just ignore it. In the old days (Before 911) it was easier, I would ride the train (To Laredo ) no one ever stopped it to ask for documents, get off in Laredo and walk around the Station Offices, cause sometimes there was an Immigration Official there. Once I got asked for papers there and I told them, but a guy with a uniform just like yours got on and collected them in Monterrey. I finally went through the red tape of becoming a citizen , so its no longer necessary to try and sneak out of the country. Now with Bar codes, computers and Holograms these things are much harder to do. Considering the fact that salaries are not on the equivalent of the USA not many Americans want to work here. Unless they are married to a native and open a business in her name. (And that has its risks also).

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