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They knew! More details on the Ayotzinapa “disappearances”

26 February 2015

Milenio — a generally pro-government newpaper — has unearthed military records that indicate the Army was aware of the events in Iguala the night of 26 September, but either failed to act, or… though negligence or design, released students to be taken by the police and gangsters.

Meant to justify the 27th Battalion’s claims that it was not involved, the photos obtained by Milenio show 25 students from the Ayotzinapa normal school in a hospital waiting room, one with bullet wounds to his face.

What is left unexplained… is why the 27th Battalion then failed to either round up the other students themselves (they were supposedly in Iguala to act as police and peacekeepers), or to rescue them from what the government claims is their murder and later cremation. 

Milenio did the Army, and the Army did itself, no favors in releasing the photos, making the official stor(ies) even less credible, or at the very least, questioning the veracity and competence of the military command… and the rationale for using the military as a police force.




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