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If you pick it up, put it back…

16 March 2015

Ejido El Bajio, in Caborca, Sonora, was robbed!

For several years, the ejido has “hosted” (in the sense of being the source of sustenance for a parasite) a Minera Penmont operation which somehow “neglected” to ever get permission to mine.

The ejidarios sued in Agrarian courts in 2010, and — in a partial victory — won their suit in June 2014, which only called for the restoration of damages between the commencement of the suit and the court ruling.

goldHowever, the court (Tribunal Unitario Agrario, Distrito 28) an injunction (amparo) on restitution, under the argument that the company needed to assess the mine, and recover their own equipment.  Although the injunction was lifted on December, to date, the company has yet to publish the ruling … mostly because of the likely impact on its stock prices.

And, apparently, is still mining.

And, the Ejido El Bajio is waiting for not just land reclamation… the company owes them nine tons of gold and four tons of silver… though the Ejido will probably take a check made out for $350,000,000 (US)… as long as its good.


(Juan Alberto Cedillo, Proceso, 16 March 2015)

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