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As it happens: committing journalism

26 March 2015

The “real Mexico” of journalists, courtesy of Carlos Léon Palacio, a free-lance reporter (and editor of an you-tube video news site, “Pensar Ético”):

What Léon was covering was a protest by Chontel Mayan women who have been staging a hunger strike in Villahermosa, Tabasco, seeking promised support from the state’s governor, for assistance in purchasing farm machinery. The women, and campesinos were trying to deliver a petition to the Governor and to meet with him face-to-face. Léon was trying to do his job.

On the other side of the Republic, the farm workers’ strikes in Baja California are being sort-of reported on outside Mexico… but mostly just because the peones (and there has been evidence that workers are being held in debt slavery, which is what peonage is) are a threat to the low, low prices U.S. consumers pay for their produce.

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