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This is not about Venezuela

11 April 2015

… or, so says Mark Weisbrot, in the Democracy Now! discussion of the Summit of the Americas.

For the U.S., the Summit was supposed to be (as it has been since the first one back during the Clinton Administration) a pep rally for U.S. economic penetration in Latin America, via “free trade” agreements.  The mismanaged U.S. policy towards the region, as well as the arrogance with with the U.S. has “assumed” Latin American nations would ask “how high” when the U.S. says “jump” have made these summits less and less about U.S. interests, and more and more simply a public display of the increasing irrelevance of the Organization of American States.

If you get a chance, and are into “compare and contrast”, you might take a look at how CNN covers the Summit, with the assumption that this is JUST about the US Cuba and Venezuela and the rest of the hemisphere is just spectators.





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