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Green Party’s tactics expose fragile state of Mexican democracy

19 April 2015

Our “show me the Green” party.

The Mexican Labyrinth

When Josefina M. was cold-called by the Green Party of Mexico (PVEM), she politely responded to their telephone survey, answering questions on crime, education, jobs and other issues.

She was careful not to give out her address or any other personal details, nor agree to further correspondence. A few days later, however, she was surprised to find an envelope hand-delivered to her Guadalajara home stamped with the tag, “For Green Party Affiliates.” Inside, she found a gift card in her name, containing the Green Party logo, along with a letter explaining how she could use it to obtain discounts in a variety of stores such as Sears, Chedraui and Farmacia del Ahorro.

The card is one of thousands distributed by the Green Party in the run up to the June 7 local and legislative elections, which will bring in 500 new federal deputies, nine governors, new state legislatures andGreen card 900…

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  1. Peter Melvoin permalink
    19 April 2015 7:13 pm

    I was born in Chicago, Illinois.
    This article brings me home.

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