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What a gringo-card costs

4 May 2015

I’ve posted on this before, but being a permanent resident (and on my way to just getting naturalized), I don’t pay much attention to the costs of temporary residency.  From a post on Mexconnect, I got this:

…my total fees for the 3year RT [three year temporary residency… which can then be turned over into a permanent resident certificate] were MXN $7154.00. This price included $1,000 pesos for my lawyer, and $6154.00 for the Mexican Government including the fee for change of address. In today’s USD that would be about 476.00…

The price for APPLYING for a Green Card in the US is $1,078 (in today’s USD, this would be… $1,078), and the lawyers’ fees would run somewhere upwards of several thousand more on top of that.

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  1. John Doe permalink
    15 May 2015 12:14 pm

    The true cost of a green card is the liability for U.S. income tax once it is granted. If you subsequently renounce U.S. permanent residency, you are still subject to U.S. tax for another 10 years.

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