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El Pie Grande

8 May 2015
In 1774, Viceroy Revillagigedo, dispatched an expedition (a side expedition to the Masaspina Expedition, the Spanish scientific expedition was collecting botanical and zoological samples throughout the Pacific) to explore the unknown regions of Alta California, fly the flag, and to check out the rumored Russian trading posts said to be operating somewhere in the far north of California.  Very far north, as it turned out.
CaptureAt Nooka (Alaska), the explorers ran into both Russians … which they sort of expected and a few things they didn’t.  From conversations with the local nuu-cha-nulth people, Mexican naturalist Jose Mariano Moziño Suárez de Figueroa learned of a creature with “… a monstrous body, covered in all manner of rigid black bristles, with a head similar to a human’s but with larger, sharper and stronger fangs than a bear’s, very long arms, with its fingers and toes armed with long and curved claws. Its screams alone – they say – can topple anyone who hears them, and it can shatter any unfortunate body into a thousand pieces in a single blow.”
Suarez dismissed the story as a myth but was the first scientist to write about, and not find, Bigfoot.
(more at Inexplicata: The Journal of Hispanic UFOlogy)
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