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4 June 2015

Speaking of repackaged old political groups, the Partido Comunista de México (not to be confused with the Partido Comunista Méxicano) recently held their Second National Conference in Mexico City.

cpIf you expected a bunch of senile Stalinists, you might be surprised.  Party members quoted by Emeques were quick to defend old Uncle Joe (after all, it was a revolution) but senile they weren’t.  While they have their eminences grises, the 8000 strong PCM’s membership is surprisingly youthful, with several party leaders in their early to mid 20s.

While debating Communism for the 21st Century, and considering whether voting was even an option for a revolutionary party (let alone applying for ballot access), the comrades weren’t all work and no play… but unlike our larger parties, the Communists were rather frugal… at least they served cookies.



(Comunistas mexicanos: volver al futuro, Emeeques)



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