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Apologies (one more) to Marty Robbins

22 July 2015


So Trump will go walking the streets of Lardo

Trump will go touring the streets of Lardo

This Thursday we’ll see him sportin’ his rug

Perched like a dead possum on top of his mug.


Oh come all you crazies and TEA party loons

For The Donald himself will be singing his tunes

On how the Mes’cans are all out to kill us

And rape us, and otherwise kick up a fuss


You’ll know by the outfit that turns out to cheer him

That anyone sane from Laredo will know his a flim-

flan man from New York, and though it’ll be YUUUGE

That he’s just a pendejo with nothing but bilge…


(and so on, and so forth)





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  1. marcos andolini permalink
    23 July 2015 8:26 am

    I live in Arizona.

    Mexican ‘Coyotes’ strip women naked, keep them in a room and repeatedly rape them until their families pay up.

    Mr. Trump was not being untruthful when he made those statements.


  2. roberb7 permalink
    23 July 2015 9:39 am

    No need to apologize to Marty Robbins, who is more commonly associated with “El Paso”. Robbins is among hundreds of people who recorded “Streets of Laredo”. Frank H. Maynard claimed authorship.

    • 24 July 2015 2:02 am

      “Streets of El Paso” is, of course, Marty Robbins’ signature piece, but he popularized the folk song and standarized the lyrics:

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